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Purpose and Consent
Before collecting your personal information we explain to you the purpose of collecting it and obtain your consent.

Limiting Collection
Our collection of personal information is limited to what is reasonable under the circumstances and your information will be used only for the purpose for which it is collected.

Personal information is kept confidential and secure and is not disclosed to anyone outside of RealProSuccess Inc. without your consent, unless required by law.

You have the right to access your own personal information, and to correct any inaccuracies.otherwise required or permitted by law.

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention
Personal information is only used or disclosed for the purpose that it was collected, unless otherwise consented, or when required or permitted by law. We only retain your personal information for the period of time required to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected.

We keep personal information we collect as accurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected.

We protect personal information we collect with security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.

Information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information is made readily available to you.
What is Personal Information?
Personal information is broadly defined as information about an identifiable individual, but does not include the name, title, business address, or telephone number of an employee of an organization.
Your personal information may be used to create statistics about business of RealProSuccess Inc. We will not sell your personal information to any organization, for any purpose.

The cornerstone to protecting your privacy is consent. We will only collect, use, and disclose your personal information with your consent, except where otherwise permitted by law. We do not, as a condition of the supply of a product or service to you, require you to consent to the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information beyond that information which is required to provide our services to you.
You may choose not to provide us with any of your personal information. However, if you make this choice we may not be able to provide you with the product, service or information that you requested or that could be offered to you. Types of Consent can be express or it may be implied in appropriate circumstances.
Consent occurs when surrounding circumstances exist that lead a reasonable person to
believe that this consent had been given, although no direct, express or explicit words of agreement are transmitted.
Contact us with questions, concerns, or complaints about privacy or personal information.
We will inform you of our complaint procedures and will assist you in resolving the situation. If a complaint is justified, appropriate measures will be taken.